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Bull &Bear Option All makes Perfect Trades
How Many Contracts or Shares Should I Trade???

If you use a service or make your own picks, you know this is a burning question!!

The Answer is in Option-All Trading!!

Don't let LOSING TRADES ....Keep you from MAKING A TON OF MONEY!!

The results are in Over a 2 month period, on 11 trades with 5 wins and 6 losses Trading 5 contracts on each trade produced profit of $1937.50

Option-All Trading

$22,487.55 in 2 months

638% on 11 trades
5 wins / 6 losses

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And there's more:

4 wins / 3 losses produced $1600 profits vs $8125 with Option-All Trading

15 wins / 16 losses produced $2345 profits vs $10,256 with Option-All Trading

Why not Increase Your trading profits by 400% plus?

Sounds Incredible?

These are just a few of the spectacular results you can achieve with

Option-All Trading

How many times have you said to yourself, I can pick winners 50 to 60  percent of the time but I still can't pocket the profits after I pay commissions???

Get ready to enjoy a substantial increase in your trading profits!!!!

Welcome to Option-All Trading,

I have traded stocks, options and futures for years with some limited success. As  most off floor traders, I have purchased  services and developed systems which will provide 40 to 60 percent winners. But I never seemed to be able to turn a consistent profit month-in and month-out.  There are so many obstacles to over come.... as soon as you open a position you lose 1/8 to 1/2 to the spread....commissions in and out of a position can cost $80 to $130 and more.......not to mention the psychology traders use, holding losses too long - hoping to get even and cutting winners to quickly - afraid to lose our profits!!! It's no wonder we can't show profits.

Well about two years ago, I decided to do something to improve my results. I stopped looking at systems for picking winners and started to focus on a system to manage my trade positions. I looked to mathematics to provide the system to beat the markets and the result is Option-All Trading.

Option-All Trading can.... guarantee a profit!!.....turn loses into winners!!....create trader confidence and reduce stress!!......And It's NOW Available to All Traders!!!

Simple stated.....Option-All works like magic!!!!

Many trader's have been introduced to the Option All Trading concept and became instant believers -- they could see it, feel it, and taste it. We hope you are one of these!!

Here's why:

Beating the stock market involves mathematics that work consistently and produce large profits.

Many people have tried to beat the stock market and failed. They have used system developed with the assistance of high powered computers. They tweeked every possible technical study, they have used fundatmental research, they've played splits runs, you name it. All have produced limited success. Success that could not be relied on for consistant profits. They were looking in the WRONG direction. The secret to consistant profits lies in a system of TRADE MANAGEMNT, the one rock traders fail to turnover. Well I've turn that rock over and WOW,.....the profits I found and you can too.

USA TODAY - Money Cover Story - December 31,1997


Businesses turn to algorithms to solve complex problems

"Remember algorithms from math class? You might want to get reacquainted. New high-octane algorithms, often run on desktop computers, are changing entire industries and solving problems once thought unsolvable"

"What's an algorithm?"

"To those who aren't math-inclined, algorithms can sound scary. But they don't have to be. Algorithms are a part of life. Any systematic, step-by-step set of instructions for solving a problem is an algorithm."

Option-All Trading uses an exact mathematical algorithm that works every time, not a percentage of the time. Risk remains with stock selection but all you need is to right 50% of the time. Drawdowns are minimal. Profits are exceptionally High. Option-All Trading has mathematically beaten the stock market.


First, let me outline the basic concept for you. Let's say you and a friend make a bet on the flip of a coin. You always choose heads. Now let's also say you are betting $1 on the flip of the coin. The first flip produces a tail -- you lose $1. You decide to try again, but this time you tell your friend to double the bet to $2. The next flip is also a tail, so you lose again. You have now lost $3. Your friend persuades you to play again, but you insist on doubling your previous bet to $4.  Unbelievably, you lose again.  Now you've lost $7. Well, you muster up enough guts to make another bet, doubling your previous bet of $4 to $8. FINALLY, a head comes up, and you pocket the $8 bet from your friend. So you invested a total of $7 on the three previous bets, and you won $8 on the last flip --  leaving you with a net win of $1.

Now this series of loses could have been less than three or more than three. The point being that if you had enough money to continue doubling each preceding bet, you would have eventually been a winner!!  IT'S A MATHEMATICAL CERTAINTY!!!!

This  example is NOT an illustration of how Option-All Trading operates - this is merely an example of  mathematics at work.

Option-All Trading uses a mathematical algorithm that produces a win at the end of a series, everytime!!!! When you use our system with options, a win is equivalent to an option rising a certain amount of points or faction of points  -  you sell for a profit.  A loss is equivalent to an option declining a certain amount of points or fraction of points  -  you sell for a loss.  Now here's the best part;  You never lose your entire starting capital, as you would with the coin flipping, because when you sell an option for a small loss (using stops on the underlining stock or the option), you just lose some value (temporarily). So as the option gains in value, we would sell ( taking some profits). Now here's the Key: The number of contracts you SELL or BUY is determined by our mathematical algorithm and when our algorithm (series) has completed,  YOU WIN   ( take profits). Just think:  You have ALL your original starting capital returned plus a HEALTHY PROFIT.      Everytime, Always, Never a  Doubt!!!

We have developed a computer program called Option-All Trading that will do sophisticated calculations after each trade and will give you the proper number of contracts or shares to be traded on your next position. The system will work you though a mathematical series or algorithm and at the series end will be a Guaranteed Profit!! Yes ...that's right ALL your starting capital is returned plus a Guaranteed Profit.....you just do it again and again!!

Here's what some users are saying.......

Hi Jack!........ I ordered your software a couple of weeks ago and just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed it. I've looked a long time for some sort of money management program that was easy to use and implement. Option All is it! I had a great week last week trading OEX options (even though I made one blunder exiting a position) and the software made it even greater! Thanks a lot and I hope to talk to you again (we spoke for a few minutes the day I ordered the software). Have a great day and I wish you and your trading the very best.

Regards, ..........JP

Jack,............ Just felt the need to send another kudo your way. Option-All software is the best thing since sliced bread! You're right, if you have a losing trade you will make even more once the series is completed... awesome! As I said in a previous message, I've been looking for a money management program for a long time. Without a doubt Option-All is the finest trading tool I've come across! Forget the high-priced, good-for-nothing "technical money-management," fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants systems out there. They're worthless. There's NO comparison! Option-All is the KING! Because of Option-All I can finally see the light at the end of the financial tunnel. Thanks again for offering such a wonderful tool to the trading public.

Sincerely, Jim Prince

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These are just a few of Option-All Trading benefits!!!....

Control Your Risk!!.....Taking the "conservative" approach will have a trader initiating
trades with "half" the number of shares or contracts a trader normally trades BUT with the
same profit potential that he/she enjoys now.

Watch Your Profits Soar!!  For the "aggressive" traders, Option-All Trading will increase the profits you are now enjoying by 50% TO 400% PLUS - there is no need to change your  trading style. You still be able to do it your way only better!!!...This is the opportunity of a lifetime, that will put you on the fast track to wealth!! Guaranteed formula!! - Rack up profits!! - - Watch your money grow!! - Guaranteed to boost profits!!!

Keep Your Trading Style  There is no need to change the way you trade - Option-All Trading will unlock  your trading potential !!! - The system works immediately to boost your profits - Just back test your trading and you'll see Option-All Trading works like Magic !!

 You'll never again have to worry about losing!!  An unexpected pleasure of Option-All Trading requires that ALL loses be recaptured and Turned into WINS !! Option-All Trading gives you a clear advantage!!!  Just knowing a loss will become a Win, you'll Trade more confidently!!  Option-All Trading keeps you ahead of the game!!  You'll trade with confidence!!!  Knowing you're in control of your losses with a clear path to Profits.  So Relax!!  Option-All Trading takes care of itself!! - It's your assurance of profitable trading!! You'll fall in love with losing!!

We stand behind our claims!!!!...
Check out our Trial Version!!!

Does All this sound too good to be true?  We're ready to prove everything we claim!!!!   Put your trading to the test!  Take your last month or two of trades and put it in our system. Seeing is believing!!! ........

Don't miss this opportunity!! ...It's a  winning decision!!!.......Act Now!!.. Don't delay!!

We've Saved the Best News for Last!!

Early on, I envisioned a fair sales price for Option-All Trading around $1,000 to $1,200!! My thinking was the minimum gross profits designed into Option-All Trading is $1,000 on one series and one series takes about one month to complete. So, your investment in Option-All Trading would be returned in full, guaranteed after the first series completes!!

However, after much debate, my marketing people convinced me to reconsider the pricing and and fall more in line with the average price of software now available on the Net.

Even though, I still think Option-All Trading is worth many times the $1,000 price tag I placed on it. I have conceded and here's the results!!

Don't Miss This Opportunity!!!


Satisfaction GuaranteedOption-All Trading / Plus Software - Has All the bells and whisles included in the "Original" Plus these added features. You can now change the commission schedule to a Flat Rate. Add or decrease funds to your account. Choose your win/lose point spreads, this feature is idea if you are trading the OEX or Internet Options. You can select Options or Stocks to trade. Reset the workbook to trade stocks, ideal for Daytraders. Trade the correct number of stocks on each trade to insure a profitable day, week, month or year. Long Term investor/traders can hold a stock for the Long Term and scalp profits from intraday highs and lows. This tactic alone will produce profits in the 100% to 300% range. The algorithm has been redesigned to be more tempered in the amount of contracts required after losing trades. Don't miss this Power Packed version of Option-All Trading.

For Less Than the Cost of One Option contract!

It's true. Option-AlI Trading software runs you less than one average option contract only

See what others are saying !!

"I highly recommend Jack`s Option-All Trading program. I have used it successfully for a few months now. It is a real money maker. It is simple to use and follow. You can do one or a number of series at the same time.You can tailor it to your area of expertise. I feel very comfortable using his program. .I thank Jack for introducing me to his wonderful program."
Lea Lerman


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