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Daytraders trying to beat the Stock and Options markets are storming the Internet On-line Brokers in increasing numbers. These traders look for trading systems which will consistently pick winning trades and lead them to their fortunes. They open trading accounts with On-line brokers. They download daytrading software with "Level II" and access to all the ENCs, NYSE and the Options markets. They have it ALL..... with the exception of one very important component.

You see, stock and option selection represents 15% of the equation. A stock and option trading account with all the electronic software bells and whistles represents another 15%. The most important money making component, which accounts for 70% of any trading profits, is a traders "position or trade" management.

Yes, that's right!! Trading the correct number of stock shares or option contracts can and will increase a traders profits dramatically. Trade the "wrong" number and they can go broke fast!!

Stock daytraders and Option traders can now add the missing 70% of the equation to their trading systems.

Option-All Trading/Plus is the missing link in your trading arsenal!!

Option-All Trading/Plus fits both the conservative or aggressive stock or option daytraders style.

The "conservative" approach will have a trader initiating trades with "half" the number of shares or contracts a trader normally trades BUT with the same profit potential that he/she enjoys now.

The "aggressive" trader will now have the tool to intelligently powerup his/her trading profits at just the right time to double the trade profit results with the same entry and exit points.

Option-All Trading was the answer for me and will be the answer for you.

I was able to retire at age 50 and trade stocks and options for a living. I love what I do!! I am a full time trader and the developer of Option-All Trading a software program which answers the question "How many shares or contracts should I trade". Through the use of a mathematical algorithm I have "Beaten the Markets". I now trade the exact number of shares and contracts to guarantee me a PROFIT at the end of a series of trades.

A Powerful Professional Trade Management System which adds the missing key....trading discipline.

If you are serious about daytrading, use ALL the tools of a successful system.


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